Expert advice for educating your homeowners

To help them make informed decisions on window and door materials

When a homeowner hires you as their builder, they are relying on you to make informed choices during the construction or remodeling of their home. One of the toughest decisions a homeowner faces involves choosing window and door products. It’s overwhelming for a homeowner when you consider factors such as durability, aesthetics, material, thermal performance, and cost. No matter how much research they do, they still rely on your trusted advice.

“A Builder’s Guide to Window and Door Materials” contains practical information to help you provide your clients with smart, valuable guidance for weighing their window and door material options.

Myth: Wood is not as durable as other materials.

Fact: Wood is an inherently durable material. Learn about the differences between classic wood, extruded aluminum and fiberglass.

Myth: All AAMA- certified aluminum provides the same level of functionality and durability.

Fact: AAMA 2605 finish standard for aluminum is broad. Learn how to differentiate between roll form aluminum and extruded aluminum.

Myth: All composite materials are similar in composition and performance.

Fact: Composite material has a broad definition. Learn why the materials used in composite windows matter when it comes to expansion.

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